“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends”

40th Anniversary Caymus

40th Anniversary Caymus

Tonight’s quote is quite apt, as it was definitely a celebration with friends for an engagement party.  To top it off, 5 top notch red wines were offered for enjoying the celebration. This particular one was my personal favorite of the evening. I must say, I am partial to Caymus wines. Since I had never had this particular Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, I definitely had to give it a try after a Pinot Noir. It didn’t disappoint. Full-bodied, lovely fingers as I swirled, fruit forward, and well-paired with roast pork and roasted vegetables for dinner. This is only a 2012 vintage, and if it is this good now, it will definitely improve with a little time spent in the cellar, a topic that I’m going to be getting to very soon on my philosophy of cellaring wines.

With an evening toast to friends on their future of fun and joy celebrating an impending marriage, Congratulations!


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