Welcome autumn!

Early morning.

Early morning.

The calendar says it is almost autumn, my drive to/from Rolla, MO today showed me the start of these color changes with the mist rising off of the trees and rivers, and the cool evenings are definitely feeling like autumn.  Autumn, my favorite season.  The perfect time to enjoy a glass of red wine, and what better way to start the week?  A lovely, albeit young, French Bordeaux (Chateau La Croix de Roche).  If you think it sounds fancy, it might sound that way, but has an even better price!  Easily found at well under $10 (Costco).  For those of you with the price point under $10, this one is for you. Buy two. You’ll want them, promise.  A little fruity, young, drinkable now, or wait a bit. However, word of warning, my three bottles all had a cork with the wine that had crept up a bit, so might not make it for long. I personally don’t cellar everything, as I like to be wine-light, and it gives me the opportunity to go in search of the new and interesting that I might not have otherwise found had I only been drinking from my cellar.

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A note about my blog and social media. I don’t always post on the blog.  My evenings are frequently late between work and events. However, I am trying to update my social media, which is why I use both Instagram and Twitter (see my links on the lower left side).  So, go ahead and follow me, unless you are waiting for my lengthier and wordier opinions….

Here is to kicking leaves down the sidewalk, crunching an apple, and pulling on jeans and a sweatshirt,




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2 thoughts on “Welcome autumn!

  1. Enjoyed browsing through the blog. I will follow on twitter as well (since that is the only social media app I currently use). I agree that fall is a great time to begin drinking the great reds. I usually take a break from those by spending the summer exploring different bottler’s Chardonnay offerings.

    • Thank you for the comments! I agree about trying other wines in the late spring/summer, but personally tend to avoid most chardonnays just because I am not a fan of the oaked flavor in them. I prefer a crisp Rose’, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, with an occasional Reisling tossed in for variation. Cheers!!

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